Aug 21, 2009

Don't Waste Your Money on Ineffective Marketing

Here's the seventh big-picture strategy from my save your business list:

7. Don't waste your money on ineffective marketing.

Spending money on conventional advertising, including radio, TV, and newspaper ads, usually isn't worth the money because these ads are broadcast to a general audience, most of whom probably won't be interested in your product or service. It makes more sense to use your marketing dollars to pay for selective listings, like a yellow pages ad or an ad in a trade journal, which are more narrowcast to an audience you know is already interested in your products or services. If you have a good-sized website, you might also investigate search engine marketing, which is paying to have people click to your site when they enter certain keywords into a search engine. But search engine marketing can be expensive if you don't spend time on it, says today's blog entry by Doug Williams at Web Design, SEO, Blog Marketing and Social Media Marketing for your Business.