Aug 15, 2009

Identity Your Customers to Focus Your Marketing Efforts

Here's the sixth big-picture strategy from my save your business list:

6. Identify your customers to focus your marketing efforts on them.

Your customer list is one of your most valuable assets. After all, your existing customers have already told you they are interested in your product and they are the easiest to reach Yet many small businesses concentrate their marketing efforts on the more difficult task of finding new customers.When dollars are tight, why not spend your marketing money developing offers to existing customers and developing additional products and services they'll appreciate? What's the best way to determine whether your current customers are interested in additional products or services? Simple: Ask. One way to do it is to email customers asking for suggestions about new and improved services. If you don't have their email addresses yet, now is the time to get them. Hand customers a postcard or short form asking for suggestions and their email address (ensuring them that you won't sell their email address to third parties). Here are some ideas from Laura Wheeler at Good Marketing Ideas for how to market to existing customers.