Feb 13, 2010

Obama Proposes New $30 Billion Fund to Promote Small Business Lending

President Obama has announced a new lending plan which would provide smaller community banks with new capital to lend to small businesses. Under the proposal, which will require Congressional approval, the government would use $30 million it receives back from Wall Street banks repaying bailout loans under the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) and set up a new Small Business Lending Fund. This fund would be available to banks with assets under $10 billion--primarily smaller community banks. These banks account for 50% of all small business loans.  

"These are the small, local banks that work most closely with small business -- they're usually the ones that provide them their first loan, and they watch them grow through good times and bad," Mr. Obama said. . . "The more loans these banks provide to creditworthy small businesses, the better deal we'll give them on capital from this fund that we've set up."

President Obama has also proposed continuing other small business lending incentives such as waiving fees and increasing guarantees for loans backed by the Small Business Administration. In his State of the Union address, President Obama also said he will be proposing new tax breaks for small businesses that create new jobs or increase hours and wages on existing jobs.