May 02, 2011

Managing Your Social Media Presence on the Internet

Small businesses used to market primarily through print ads in newspapers, radio, and the spoken word of mouth. No longer. Social media and the Internet have taken over as the most powerful, far reaching, and accessible marketing tools for small businesses. The most popular social media sites include Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook--but there are many other ways to market and promote your business online.

With the ability to reach out so widely and effectively online comes the burden of having to monitor and manage this open communication about your business. To help with this, a new crop of social media management technologies has emerged. These technologies troll the Internet and sort, consolidate, streamline, and store information about your business found on social media sites. Not only can this save precious time, it can be crucial for helping to monitor and manage your online branding and marketing.

People are also starting to appreciate the possible legal significance of sorting and saving this information.  As stated in a recent New York Times article by Tanzina Vega, "Someone may get sued for the content of their social media or the information in the social media may be relevant to the suit . . . If you haven't preserved it, you've lost it."